Making Use of CAD and SolidWorks for Small Businesses

The name AutoCAD and the word CAD have become synonymous with the professionals who design electronic systems for all sorts of industries. Computer aided design or CAD has opened up new opportunities for artists to reach their goals as well as manufacturers to be able to produce their products more efficiently.

It is very easy to build electronic systems when you have all the resources available, and that is exactly what CAD gives you. However, if you are just a novice, it would be best to start off with paper drawings.

In this type of system, one uses an ordinary piece of paper as a guide to draw out a design in a step by step fashion. The key to success here is to spend the time required to understand the process of designing, drawing, and finally building a physical product from the beginning.

Digital design also has many advantages. CAD has the advantage of being scalable, meaning it can be modified, which can save significant amounts of money.

SolidWorks is another popular software system that has attracted a lot of attention lately. SolidWorks offers many of the features of AutoCAD Help and has the added bonus of being compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

SolidWorks can be used by both beginners and experts. Since it is quite easy to learn, the learning curve can be steep, but once a user is experienced, the program allows them to produce quality designs with minimal effort.

One of the biggest differences between AutoCAD and SolidWorks is that SolidWorks includes a virtual workspace where you can store and work on your drawings in the real environment. This does not have to be a problem, since this is the area in which the program is highly customizable.

The benefits of SolidWorks include its ability to produce clear images with images being at 120 dpi. There is also a feature called View Mirror, which allows users to adjust the size of an image without disrupting the design of the item that is to be designed.

The final aspect of use that I will mention is the ability to preview the final design in order to fine tune the desired results. With this feature, a user can see the final product before making any changes.

If you are not familiar with CAD and need a program to assist you, there are two programs that will meet your needs. Both programs are free to download, and both offer the same features as all the other programs, but a better selection of styles.

SolidWorks is an excel like program that works with Microsoft Excel. AutoCAD is a power user oriented program that are compatible with AutoCAD, Microsoft Office Suite, and Mac OS X.

If you are in need of a program that will allow you to convert between these two different programs, I suggest purchasing the SolidWorks option. Since this program is cheaper, it will save you money over purchasing AutoCAD and then getting SolidWorks later.